Treasure Guide

This page is going to be a guide to the available Treasure that can be found on Treasure Trooper!

[Mabutu's Hut][Platinum Coins Rewards][Gems][Big $100 Treasure Hunt]

Mabutu's Hut

There are various items involved such as gems, treasure map pieces, bumper sticker, mousepad, mabutu's secret, journal pages, platinum coins rewards and many more items! All of these can be found in Mabutu's Hut once you are logged in. In order to get to Mabutu's Hut, you would just click on the Trading Hut button and you would see something like this:

Below him you would see items for sale such as:

This treasure hunt ticket is used for the monthly treasure hunts. It cost 3 gold coins currently. The Treasure Hunts happen normally between the 17th-21st of each month. They are announced in the mid-month newsletter which is sent out through e-mail. It is only valid until a treasure hunt happens and then Mabutu calls up his secret powers and gathers them all back up so he doesn't run out! The previous hunts can be found here.

This is a treasure map fragment. It currently costs 10 gold coins to purchase it. There are four different treasure map fragments that you need to buy by purchasing this four different times. Once you have the map fragments, you can begin the
Big $100 Treasure Hunt! The frequently asked questions for the Big $100 Treasure Hunt can be found here.

This is the first gem, ruby, that you will probably see. This gem has a use but it is a secret! It costs 15 gold coins. You will find out shortly over time.

This is a pearl bracelet. Unlike the rest of the items so far, it costs pearls. You can find pearls from playing the pearl/clam shell game after each offer. Once you get 8 of them, you can buy this and you will get two unreferred members signed up underneath you. This means you will earn 20% of what they make! Warning: It can take sometime for these to show up so please be patient!

This is Mabutu's Secret. It costs 15 gold coins. Unforunately, there isn't much to be said about this because it is a SECRET! It has been said to be pretty helpful. Don't forget to write down what he tells you incase you forget!

This is the official Treasure Trooper mousepad. It costs 25 gold coins. You will receive this in the mail to your address in a few weeks after you purchase. They normally ship these out a few times a month. It has been said to be a pretty nice mousepad too!

This is the official Treasure Trooper bumper sticker to show off your Treasure Trooper pride! It costs 20 gold coins. There is also currently a contest going that you could win $500. More information about that contest can be found

This is the Treasure Trooper journal. It costs 10 gold coins for each page and there are 6 pages in total. I can't tell you what these journal pages hold, but I can tell you it will be very helpful in your Treasure Trooper journey!

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Platinum Coin Rewards

This is a $20 Amazon e-gift certificate. It costs 20 platinum coins. This will be send to you through e-mail from so don't forget to add them to your contacts! If you purchase this before the end of the month, it will be sent the next month around payment time. For example, you buy it February 27, you should get it around March 20-25th. If you buy it March 1st, you wouldn't get it until April 20-25th.

This is a $50 visa gift card. It costs 50 platinum coins. This will be sent to you through the mail (snail mail). The same thing applies as the Amazon gift card. If you buy it before the end of the month, it will be sent the next month around payment time. You should receive an e-mail from which has the information that you need in order to activate it. If you do not receive this e-mail, please contact

This is a 2GB Ipod Nano. It costs 150 platinum coins. This will be sent to you in the mail (snail mail). The same thing also applies that applied to the rest of the platinum coins offers. This has been purchased quite a few times by members (search the forum for more information)!

This is a Xbox 360! It costs 300 platinum coins. Like the Ipod Nano and the other platinum coin offers, this will be sent to you through the mail to the address that you have provided the following month after you purchase it.

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- This is the ruby that was mentioned earlier. This can be found in Mabutu's Hut for 15 gold coins. This is the ONLY gem that can be purchased. The rest of the gems have to be found.

- This is the emerald, which is known to be the referral gem.

- This is the sapphire, which is known to be what you get for completing enough cash value in offers.

- This is the topaz, which you can find in the cash survey section.

- This is the diamond, which is the sought after gem in all of Treasure Trooper.

- This is the amethyst, which is said to be found in the cash shopping section and only found if you make a certain amount.

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Big $100 Treasure Hunt

This was introduced to the Treasure Trooper community in March 2007. It provides a wonderful opporunity to make $100! All you need to start is the 4 pieces of the map which can be purchased in Mabutu's Hut for 10 coins per piece.

Once you have all four pieces of the map, you can go to your My Treasure page and click on View My Treasure Map in order to start your journey of the Treasure Hunt!

Once you complete all the acts in the Treasure Hunt, you will have $100 automatically added to your account and you'll see this:

If you want to disuss the Treasure Hunt with the other members click here or click here. Did you complete the Treasure Hunt? Tell us here!

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